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5 Years to Go

In a 2010 study by the Employment Benefit Research Institute, an organization committed to original public policy research and education on economic security and employee benefits, it discovered: a mere 16% of workers feel very confident they’ll have financial security in retirement, near a 20 year low for this survey. In addition, only 19% of current retirees feel very confident about their financial situation. (Source: Americans Not Ready For Retirement – – 2/21/11).

The number of people categorized to be soon-to-be retirees is a growing group, whom in many cases just are not financially prepared for retirement. It’s no wonder many ask themselves: “Have I saved enough?” “Am I financially ready for retirement?” “Can I really afford to retire?”

At RLA, we provide the kind of know-how and experience as a personal wealth management specialist to create a financial retirement “Game Plan” that may be suitable you. Even if you are only five years from when you wish to retire this "game plan" could help you pursue a winning lifestyle of financial freedom.

In doing so, we will:

  • First, take every precaution to do no harm, by instituting Asset Protection, making sure your risk is properly managed;
  • Secondly, place a strong emphasis on Asset Growth, by initially working to understand an individual’s needs and goals; then striving to grow those assets we have set aside for you to pursue greater wealth;
  • And, thirdly, making a conscious effort to devote attention from the start to Retirement Income Planning designed to result in an income stream for you for life.

Other strategic steps we will review in creating a financial retirement “Game Plan” for you include:

Consideration towards loved ones through trust accounts.

  • Developing a financial strategy to take into account those special people and organizations in your life that are important to you.  At RLA Financial, we can set up trust accounts to accomplish any directives you set.

Charitable Giving

  • We can set up a plan for your charitable giving wishes.

Giving you financial advice is all part of what RLA Financial seeks to accomplish in serving you. It also is the kind of criteria when it comes to wealth management you should be looking for in a financial advisor – whether you are searching for a professional sports wealth specialist, a professional entertainer financial advisor, or simply a private wealth management planner. At RLA Financial, we can address any of these needs… and more.

Experience helps make RLA Financial a trusted source.

Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. No strategy can assure profit or protect against loss