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Professional Athletes Asset Management

*According to data by the National Football League and the NFL Players Association, the average career of an NFL player is 3.5 years. (Source: Business Week Magazine’s Bloomberg Businessweek – 1/27/11). Even more alarming, a study by Sports Illustrated found that 78% of former NFL players are broke or at least financially stressed within five years of leaving the game. (Source:, Sports Celebrities, Pro Athletes That Went Bankrupt, 4/12/10).

If you are a professional athlete you have the good fortune of earning a salary for a job that pays far more than most people could ever expect to earn. However, most pro athletes like yourself may have very short careers compared to people in other careers and tend to have a much higher chance of losing their earnings, if their money is not handled wisely. A common result is little or no savings by former pro athletes to help with day-to-day expenses in life, not to mention having nothing saved for retirement.

That’s why current and former pro athletes seeking a professional sports wealth specialist, a professional entertainer financial advisor, or simply a private wealth management planner should consider the RLA Financial team.

Services to develop such a portfolio for you include:

Income for Life

We can specialize in plans designed to create a monthly income stream for the rest of your life.

Growth of Assets

A plan will be created for you that will give your assets the opportunity to grow over time.

A research study at the University of Colorado at Boulder, published in August 2007 in “Population Research and Policy Review,” indicated the average career for a Major League Baseball player is 5.6 years. (Source: 7/11/07).

Tactical and Strategic Asset Management

We can make short term, (tactical), moves as well as longer term, (strategic), moves with your accounts. This management philosophy is used to help enhance the overall growth of your assets.

Protection for Loved Ones

Key products such as life insurance and disability insurance are used to make sure that your loved ones are taken care of in the event of your death or disability.

Long Term Care Policies

This is protection for you should you need help doing daily tasks because of age, injury or disability. Money is provided to you so that your needs are met.

Disability Protection

This replaces income should you become disabled.

The bottom line: when you turn to the RLA Financial team you can expect Asset Protection, Asset Growth and Retirement Income Planning to help make your earnings you worked so hard for in your limited sports career work for you today, tomorrow, the rest of your life.

In a study conducted by Sports Illustrated, 60% of all NBA players end up broke or financially stressed within five years of retiring from the sport. (Source:, Sports Celebrities, Pro Athletes That Went Bankrupt, 4/12/10). A perfect example is former Miami star Tim Hardaway.

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Experience helps make RLA Financial a trusted source.